Thursday, 20 January 2011

Scrapbook resolutions

I've been thinking a lot recently about the things I'd like to change with my scrapbooking style and techniques that I'd like to try. Thinking about ways forward with my layouts and which things make me happy. When I was chatting with Suz she mentioned how the words and sentiments on her LO's are the things that make her happy and whilst sometimes, it's nice to have a page full of embellishments and prettiness, sometimes, it's the journalling that makes the page last the test of time. After all, styles and fashions in scrapbooking change as much as they do in real life. Looking back through my scrapbooks I can see clear stages in my scrapbooking style from when I first started (think Creative memories cutters with lots of photos and mats cut into random shapes, ovals and circles. Shudder.); when I first started meeting other scrappers (lots of cardstock backgrounds with cardstock matting and many more embellishments although no real flow to the page and certainly no stories. Stick to the date and facts= journalling) and when I found the blogging community and scrapping magazines (current).

I've read Lauras blog which keeps inspiring me and Sians blog after seeing it linked on UKS and particularly liked this post about 5 things she wanted to scrap.

So, here is my list of things to do and try this year with my scrapping:

  • Scrap more every day stories (possibly in a 'Project Life' style?)
  • Re-scrap some of my wedding photos (but without oval cutters this time) and focus more on the stories rather than the facts. I'm thinking about how I chose my dress; the preparations; the wedding 'theme'; the wedding party; getting ready etc etc. I want to record the feelings of the day so that when I'm old and grey, they'll be there to prompt that old grey matter of mine.
  • Scrap photos of J and E and explain where their names came from. Explain their nicknames.
  • Scrap their birthstories in a letter form to them. Both quite interesting experiences that I'd like to tell before I forget.
  • Scrap a photo of our dogs.
  • How I met my Husband
Techniques to try:
  • More sewing on LOs - machine and hand stitching
  • Use my cricut more
  • Misting
  • Paint
  • Layering
I'm sure there's loads more that I was thinking of but for now, this'll do!

What's on your list to try or to scrap? Go on! Inspire me!

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  1. Great idea. Its funny how your style can change over time. Looking forward to seeing some of your layouts