Friday, 21 January 2011

Reasons to be cheerful..

(anyone else singing this in the style as Ian Dury and the blockheads?) No? Just me then. lol.

This post is AKA Finding J.O.Y every day- right, Suz? ;-)

So, here goes...
  1. It's Friday. No explanation needed.
  2. In 9 hours time, it will officially be 'Wine O'Clock'. Bring it on!
  3. All day crop on Sunday with 3 Jolly scrappers. No kids, good friends, patterned paper, no kids, hot coffee, chat- did I mention no kids?
  4. The fact that Jack and Emma were praised yesterday for being so well behaved whilst we were out in a coffee shop and were given giant chocolate cookies by the manager as a reward. Very proud mummy moment.
  5. That Jack thought all Emma's dollies needed some 'booby milk' yesterday:
6. That Jack said he loved me for the first time ever yesterday without being prompted to say it by someone else. My heart melted.
7. That Suz is now a good friend in my life. Definitely feeling the joy there. :)
8. Emma not waking til 7:30 this morning (not including the waking at 4am cos once I'd replaced her dummy she fell back off asleep. It was a good trade for the 5:30 wakings I thought were becoming permanent!)
9. I'm healthy, my family are healthy, most of my friends are healthy. Something I hope I never take for granted.
10. (lol: couldn't leave this post on an odd number!) We have food in our bellies and love in our hearts. Amen.

What are your reasons to be cheerful?


  1. definitely agreeing with the Friday one & tomorrow Dh is golfing & DD is at her friends house for the morning, that's 3 & half hours with no-one but me & the dog in the house...crafting time! LOL
    Enjoy your weekend

  2. This post has made me smile - there are so many reasons to be cheerful when you think about it.

  3. Loved jack and the boobie milk dolls
    And yes the "I love you mommy" without a prompt for the first time actually anytime is absolutely heart warming.

  4. 4, 6, 8 and 9 are things to be more than cheerful about. You are a very lucky lady.

  5. Right to your post above Lou! I sooo love you friend! This post was so sweet, funny and endearing all wrapped up into one little bundle of photographic and literary joy! Thanks for making my day, making me chuckle out loud, and for being my newfound "Modern Day" pen pal from across the Big Pond!
    As my family always yells out to each other! "YOU DA BEST!"
    Suz :-)
    BTW-Your kiddos are adorable and how awesome it is to get complimented about their behavior in public. Kudos to you.