Monday, 17 January 2011

A normal Monday?

Waken at 6 by child 2 and shortly joined in bed by child 1. Try to resist getting out of bed until at least 7 by coaxing the kids to watch CBeebies with limited success. Give up and head downstairs to start the madness that is breakfast. Give the boy child 3 bowls of cheerios (his request!) and the girl child toast and cinnamon porridge. Drink first hot coffee and check email whilst trying to wake up and eat my own porridge. Wash and clear up from breakfast. Manage shower in peace by distracting children with toybox. Bliss. Get them washed and dressed with minimal fuss and only 2 nappy changes. Hoorah! Manage to add makeup and necklace too. It's looking like it might be a good day.

Bags packed and off to playgroup by 10. Em enjoys wearing a chocolate biscuit that I actually gave her to eat. Cream cardigan worn for less than 90 minutes is now covered in chocolate but she's happy so I'm happy. Please notice her co-ordinating hair clip which only survived for a few more minutes before she'd had enough of it.
Jack was quite happy modelling the latest in designer footwear (just don't show daddy cos he thinks all you do is play with cars!) I think green socks and princess heels= fabulous, darling! Slightly jelaous that he works those heels* better than mummy (at least he didn't fall over in them).
*Not that I wear plastic shoes with Disney Princesses on them....

Head home with two exhausted children:

Ok, maybe only 1 exhausted child. The other demanded that I take his photo too (gotta love that face!):

Tried to introduce J to the fabby world of dippy eggs as seen on 'Show me, Show me' this morning with mixed success. Egg cups, smashing eggs and bread soldiers were a success. Actually eating the eggs- not so good.

I think he was possibly *too* keen to smash the top. Poor egg.
Time for a quick play and clean up and then off to Drs to check up on Em's infection and get both kids immunised. Not looking forward to this at all.
Drs surgery was manic. Computers all down so dr's, nurses and receptionists all trying to manage using paper. Made me wonder how they used to deal with things pre computers? Saw Dr. All good with Em. Felt pleased that I could recall all that was said to us last week too as Dr had no notes to refer to. No jabs for her today though as dr wants her to wait a week. Feel slightly more optmistic about doing jabs with just one child.
Nurses managed it fairly quickly although J does have a quick strop about putting his jumper on and off. He's definitely finding his own mind at the moment. He refuses to have one of their bravery stickers (think he was holding out for chocolate) but I take 2 on his behalf and once I have them he changes his mind. Funny that.

Head back into waiting room to wait our 10 mins and J is quite happy to entertain other waiting patients with a 3 year olds rendition of 'The Grand Old Duke of York', complete with actions. Was quite pleased we've moved on from Christmas Carols as I was getting quite bored of hearing, 'Little Donkey, Carry Mary, Roooooaaadd' sang in a tone deaf voice that can only have been inherited from me.

Em also decided to entertain people with a new style of crawling. You just can't crawl in dresses. Your knees hold the material down too much. Far better to crawl, bum in air with straight legs. Hilarious!

Left Drs. Collected vacuum cleaner from repair shop (boo. I might have to hoover now). Went to school.
Spent two hours printing and collecting stuff that I need for lessons this week and generally sorting out. Couldn't believe that I was there for nearly 2 hours. Think half of that time was spent replacing things that boy child and girl child were pulling out. Discovered they like sitting on the trolley though as we walk through school and that Emma can sign the word 'fish' when she sees the fish pictures. Clever girl.
Home. Dinner. Wash up. K home. Never went running as planned.
Did some school work but never marked those writing papers.
Finally some me time, but it's now nearly 9pm. I'm exhausted. Might just go to bed and look forward to work tomorrow where I might just get a rest.


  1. Aah! the joys of Motherhood.

  2. Ohh I did love your story telling, it really made me smile. Must say thou that J is just gorgeous and I could happily take him home(though only for an hour or two, just enough time to brighten up my day)
    H xx

  3. So funny - I am sure Dads have no idea what our days can be like!

  4. LOL at your little ones Lou. *Ü* Been there, done that! All in a day's work eh?! TFS. ~Glen~

  5. All too reminiscent for me! On to greener pastures now- tweenage and pre-teenage angst! Ha (it does get better in some ways but busier in some ways too!) TFS.
    Have joyful Tuesday!

  6. That sounds like a very hectic day.

  7. Btw-your kiddos are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! Love their names too!