Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow day 2012

What a great weekend we've had here in the East of England.

Yesterday Jack had a toboganning party at Tallington Lakes which he thoroughly enjoyed. He was slightly disappointed that he couldn't be pushed down the ski run too. I think I might have unleashed a dare devil! The only downside from my point of view was that adults were restricted to pushing duties only. Next time, I want a go!
Just as we arrived home, the snow started falling and laying-our timing couldn't have been better. All night, Kev and I kept watching to see the inches rising!

This morning the snow didn't disappoint!

We were all eager to get wrapped up and head outside as soon as possible.

There were snowball fights:

and smiles:

Emma wasn't so keen on the snow. She literally didn't move from this spot for nearly the whole time we were outside!

My snowman building skills aren't too bad either!

The cold weather had another advantage which involved being able to upload a large order of photos to finish my Project Life album for 2011 and start on Januarys pages as it was too cold for me to do anything else! Hopefully, that'll arrive mid week and I can get on with that during the week. :)