Monday, 28 February 2011

Rounding off the month...

Blogging has taken a bit of a back burner recently (as has most things laptop/internet related) as I try to find some BALANCE in my life and focus more on spending time with my family and doing things that are important.

Some of that time has been spent scrapping and I've dug into this Sarahs Cards Kit from last summer which had Crate Paper 'Restoration' papers. I played with the mists I bought from 3JollyScrappers as well as hitting another scrapping resolution by scrapping some of my old wedding photos. When planning this LO, I thought it would be fun to blog my first scrapping attempt of this photo 5 years ago to do a 'now and then' post to see how my style has changed but I'm not sure I'm brave enough! I'm pleased that this LO has no oval shaped papers/photos in sight!

In other news 'Operation House Sale' is in full swing. The Estate Agent has been instructed and is coming around to take photos this weekend and hopefully we'll be on the 'net by the middle of next week. In preparation for this, we spent a bit of time this weekend giving the garden a quick Spring makeover- cutting the grass, sweeping the leaves, planting some daffodils and pansies etc. Anything to make it look tidy yet bright and cheerful. I'm really hoping all these little tricks will do the job and we can move quickly.
Just as I finished putting away the last of the gardening things, the skies turned grey and a rainbow appeared. It was really pretty to see a full rainbow across the whole of our backyard. Just as I took these photos, the heavens opened and rains came down. At least it saved me some watering!

Finally, I was also awarded this Stylish Blogger Award by the gorgeous, sweet hearted and absolutely talented Suz Thank you Suz for brightening my day!
Apparently, in my acceptance speech I need to list 7 things you may not know about me so we 'Spread the Love'. Here goes:
1. I was baptised at the age of 16 and am quite actively involved in my Church.
2. I would love to Dance on Ice or be on Strictly Come Dancing but preferably with Fred Palascak or Brendan Cole as my partners.
3. I run a Charity Coffee morning every other Thursday during term time and once a month on a Saturday to raise money for Charity. Think fairtrade hot drinks and homemade cakes... yum!
4. I enjoy running and have run 3 half marathons so far with a 3 more booked in for this year.
5. I have a weak spot for a Costa Caramel Latte.
6. I love Cadbury Wispa bars.
7. I own a Blue Peter badge. Not sure I'll get free entry anywhere with it now though...
Right, I now need to nominate some other blogs for you to visit:
1. Suz
Why not grab a cuppa and browse a while? You never know, you might find something you like!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Running to the beat

I'm so excited! I've been waiting for an email to confirm that entry to Londons music half marathon is open and tonight I recieved priority booking. :)

I might be a few £ lighter (and hopefully I'll be a few lbs lighter too!) but I'm so excited to finally get a place. This event is so cool, it sells out really quickly hence signing up to register my interest ages ago. It's a 13.1mile race around the streets of Greenwich, London starting at the O2 with live music stations playing around the entire course. Check it out here!

In 2011, I'm going to be Running to the Beat! Bring it on!

Suz- another freaky coincidence- the official charity for this years event is for a leukeamia charity. Guess what'll I'll be raising money for.... :)

Monday, 14 February 2011

My boys

3 years ago this little bundle of joy was brought into my life. He was born 4 weeks earlier than expected, in somewhat traumatic circumstances but we're so blessed to have him. I not only get to call him my nephew but I'm privileged to be his Godmother too.

He looks so cute in his glasses. He's such a good boy with them and never ever fusses about having to wear them.
He just loved the ball pit at his birthday party:

Mindyou, so did my other nephew:
We spent a good 20 minutes just covering ourselves in balls and jumping in. Even 'Auntie Lou Lou' was encouraged to join in the fun. It was so special just to have some 1 on 1 (or 3?) time between my and 'my boys'. It was special to see them play together so beautifully and to see them bond.
Josh and Jack were enthralled by this rather cheesy bear that sang a love song with flashing lights on it's tummy when you pressed its paw. It was even cuter when Josh said, 'Let's dance!' and they both danced to it's song:

I swear this boy grows more handsome by the day:

It was a wonderful (and exhausting weekend) but I loved every second that I got to spend with them.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

You know you're old when..

1. A night out with your mates starts with a civilised meal at 7pm.
2. You refuse to pay entry into a bar that you used to be able to get into for free (and possibly underage too!)
3. In a bar, you're looking around to see what the 'trendy' thing to drink now is.
4. Whilst dancing, your mates comment that the 'music's rather loud' and this wasn't said as a good thing.
5. You move from one room to another because the second one's playing 80's music whereas the first one is just 'a noise'. In the same instant, you go from being the oldest people in the first room to the youngest group in the second room.
6. Rather than chatting to your friends about 'that fit bloke you were snogging last week' like you used to, you find yourselves placing an order for IKEA furniture with your friends who are going home shopping in the morning.
7. In a club, you hear yourself saying, 'really, what IS she wearing?'
8. You no longer get chatted up by cute men.
9. Your shoes hurt so much, you wish you were at home in your slippers.
10. 24 hours after the last drink, you still feel hungover.

'Nuff said.