Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dan and Hayleys wedding album: Part one

More 12x12 love from me today! My brother got married in August and so I have  a huge pile of gorgeous photos to get into my album before all the details fade. Part of my strategy with this is to use lots of pocket dividers to get all the photos and stories in, but to spend more time on the bigger stories by giving them their own 12x12 page.
This is my first page which still needs a bit of lettering and journalling.
 On the reverse I've included some preparation shots:

 The first 12x12 is of Emma getting her hair done and looking so serious and still:

 This LO still needs some stitching across the bunting but otherthan that, it's finished:
 My first attempt at the confetti effect. I'm not 100% convinced it worked but I shall definitely try again. Also, loved the mask as part of the title.
 A super quick 12x12 showing all the assistants the Bride and Groom had:
 I loved this starburst effect when I did it earlier this year and this photos of  my dad and I was crying out for special treatment. I stitched all the pp down too which was time consuming but worth it. Looking at it now, I might add some more journalling or a small title to the top journalling box:
The girls outside Church:

 You may now kiss the Bride: This was created in  response to a class over at UKScrappers and their online crop although the original inspiration looks nothing like this! I do love it when that happens. :) You can view the original inspiration here

I shall carry on plouging through the remaining stack of photos and hopefully share the scrappy results soon!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Some 12x12 love

Hi all! I thought it was about time that I shared some 12 x12 love on  my pages. I have been very busy creating but this has resulted in no time left to blog it! M
My lovely scrappy friend, Suz Mannecke, sent me a scrummy box of scrappy goodies a few weeks ago with strict instructions to use it up and share the creations! The box had some much stuff it was impossible not to be inspired! 

I had a few photos laying around from J's 5th birthday and the blues and greens in them co-ordinated perfectly with some papers I had (Studio Calico I believe?) Suz had included a 12x12 sheet of Echo Park (?) stickers which just co-ordinated perfectly including a fab bunting strip that was perfect to hang off of some bakers twine inbetween two brads.

Not to miss out the girl child, I also scrapped a few recent pics of her as she started preschool. Boy does she look so grown up! I can't believe she'll be three next month! Again, I used some letter sticker, borders and paper from 'Suz's stash' but added some old Studio Calico 'Elemantary' papers as well as digging out my sewing machine to add some detail. Ta da!

12x12 love. Done.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Today we met friends at the Park for a walk (or run) and play. I just love this city park and this time of year. I took the camera as I was hoping for some good Autumn shots whilst the daylight was ok. I did play with the camera settings a bit incl. some time in manual mode with varying amounts of success. Unfortunately, some of the better shots were close ups of my friends little boy so I can't share those here but hopefully she'll love them.

 There was a fair bit of tree climbing....

 and of course, whatever one can do, so can the other!

 My boy. So handsome. I love him so much!

 Her. Beautiful. Its so rare to get a good shot of her as she moves so much!! I'm thinking they might make good shots for the grandparents gifts at Christmas!

Then, the rain came down and spoilt our fun. The cafe was closed so no hot chocolate (boo hiss!) and we all went home slightly colder and wetter than we arrived. I think I might revisit the park at the weekend and see if I can improve on these shots and maybe try some new ideas too. If you have any links to similar shots for my inspiration then please comment and link me up!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Weekend Lens

Family. Playing. Catching up. Eating & drinking way too much (but it was good!). Fair. Watching. Enjoying. Riding. Savouring the beauty of the lights on a warm evening.

Walking. Talking. Scooting. Holding hands. Drinking. Carrying. Watching. Relaxing.

Love these kinds of weekends. 

Friday, 28 September 2012

Project life:10-16 Sept

Amazingly my Project Life has been up to date for the last two weeks so I can actually blog what I've done!

This week was a completely manic week (all of September has been manic here!) and I hadn't taken too many photos so I decided instead to journal most of my week, day by day to explain why they weren't many pictures. On the whole, I think this worked. I  spent time journalling quotes from the children such as when Emma planned her birthday party and then declared very seriously, 'I need people!'. Rent a crowd, anyone?
I also documented more birthday party shenanigans as well as memories such as the scent from a bottle of shower gel that reminds me of my time in hospital when Jack was born.
 On this page I used a cutdown piece of packaging from Jacks birthday as a photo replacement. Again, just plenty of journalling about the non stop manicness of our lives!
I certainly haven't missed sifting through a load of photos this week and equally, focussing on the journalling, and doing the week at hand as it happens has lead to much more meaningful pages. I think I'm going to try to be much more focussed on stories in the future, rather than events. Does that make sense? How do you approach your PL album?

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Around Here & Project LIfe

Around here... We've been enjoying the final few days together when school isn't an issue and we can just play and relax. We've been reflecting on how life might change when you start school and how this makes me feel both happy and sad.

Around here.. We've noticed how quiet the house is when you guys aren't here and how strange that feels. I think it might take some getting used to.

Around here... We've been busy preparing for school, making sure uniform is ready; lunches are made and bags are packed. We've been talking lots about what to expect and who will be doing what. Organisation has been a huge factor in this week.

Around here...We've been taking our first days at school. Admittedly, just half days to start with but school nonetheless. You've loved it and have so far (re)learnt the phonics for S, A and T. We've had lots of singing the Jolly Phonics songs and asking questions. Curoisity is good, Jack. You need to foster that enthusiasm for learning.

Around here: We've had lots of telephone calls to Daddy. To wish you good luck. To see how you're doing. It's been good to be in touch.

Around here: Whatever one is doing, the other is not far behind copying. We'd hate you to feel left out!

Around here: We've been pottering in the garden, doing the autumn tidy up and being amazed by how much is in bloom or is blooming twice. I cut the roses back after they finished flowering in July and now they're at it again!

Around here: We've been projecting lifeing. We've been documenting the ups and downs of trying to juggle family and work commitments and how grateful we are for good friends who help us out when we need it. We've been grateful for long distance friends sending extremely kind gifts and reigniting my 12x12 mojo:

 Documenting a colour copy of the first piece of work Jack did for school as an insert page along with another random drawing on the reverse:

Lots of journalling to document my feelings alongside an insert with pictures of J doing his school prep and his school tray: