Monday, 10 January 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good
My One Little Word goodies from Scrap Revolution have arrived. The words 'Kid' and 'Candy store' spring to mind.
This Pink Paislee album is so cute IRL. I'm definitely thinking clean, simple lines for the LO's for it. :) Love the multi-sized page protectors too although I did also buy some 8.5"x11" as additional inserts.
The Bad
10 minutes in a telephone queue to make a dr's appointment.
Waiting 25 mins to see said Dr.
Finding out E has not only an eye infection (as I thought) but also a chest infection that I hadn't realised about.

The Ugly
Weighing myself this morning to find I'd gained 5lb over Christmas. :(
Having to change jeans as the ones I was trying to wear were too tight.
Having J say, 'You've got a big tummy mummy'. (Nothing like a child to point out the obvious)
Having Weightwatchers drop a mail shot through my door this morning. Coincidental timing?
Starting the diet. Sigh.

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