Monday, 19 December 2011

When Love Came Down...

I spent yesterday in a rather reflective and religious mode of mind. It started with watching (and helping) the childrens Nativity service at Church. Emma was a rather uncooperative angel and Jack a very excitable shepherd.

Em and Miss T were completely focussed on making sure that the Baby Jesus was ok:

Jack took his acting role very seriously:

After church, we headed into the City with my mum and dad, where a local church were taking part in a 'Get in the Picture' event. This event always makes me smile as I have photos of Jack dressed as a Shepherd here at the same point that I was in labour with Emma. It's cute to think that he was looking at a baby Jesus as his own new baby was being born.

Anyway, we had much fun and laughter as we all decided on our costumes and dressed up. Emma continued to be uncooperative until she saw mummy as an angel and then she wanted in too- she always wants to be like Mummy!

Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with the first of my December Daily posts. Better late than never, huh?