Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mr Maker?

J was watching me do some scrapping the other night and declared, 'You're like Mr Maker mummy'. Interesting.... Let's check out the facts:

Here's Mr Maker. He looks nothing like me except we both share the same hair colour. He seems to also have an interesting dress sense. I'm hoping my wardrobe choices are slightly more 'traditional' looking (plus waistcoats are so last season!). I'm not even going to mention that stupid grin or the annoying way he says: 'I've got an idea!'
Mr Maker has doodle drawers from which he pulls his 'stash' from. I have one box in a Expedit unit and a wheelie tote. I'm slightly jealous of Mr Makers drawers. Think of all the stash you could wheel to crops if you could attach these drawers to the back of your car:

He spends a lot of time talking to 4 rather cheerful characters called 'The Shapes'. They sing a rather annoying song with the repetitive lyric, 'I am a shape, la, la, la' whilst doing a rather lack lustre dance and then jumping back on to the shelf, whereby they promptly fall back asleep again.

I spend most of my day talking to 2 often less than cheerful characters who also sing annoying songs with repetitive lyrics (see previous blog post re: Little Donkey). I often wish I could stick them on a shelf and leave them there for a while but the chance of them sleeping is slim to none (3rd day in a row of 5:30am wakings in Chez Pett).

He has a friend called 'Tocky' who encourages him to 'Make things in a minute'. I can't even choose patterned papers/cardstock/photos in a minute let alone make something.
We both share a love of paper and glue. I think that's possibly as far as I'm willing to let that association go.
I rest my case, your honour.


  1. ok...that is such a funny post! Did you happen to go to law school before going into education? 'Cause you render a mighty fine argument and case.
    It brings me back to the days when my oldest was in to the Teletubbies. His favorite was La-La. One time another kiddo tried to take his La-La at Sea World thinking it was his. My little guy kept toddling after him calling out," La-La! La-La!" across the trail of the park. Oh, sorry, I guess I should not share that here and save it for a scrapping layout! LOL
    Thanks for triggering a fond memory of days gone by! Hugs,

  2. Ha ha ha ha!!! This is sooo funny!!! I've watched this show - it's pretty cool... his accent is such a classic! Funny post! :D