Saturday, 8 January 2011

Doc2010: November focus page

I had a fab time at a crop this afternoon with my friends although I was rather lacking in productivity only finishing one layout in an afternoon. I guess that's the price you pay for laughing til your sides hurt, comparing the 'benefits' of Philip Schofield to Gary Linekar and being advised on 'fat pants', Gok Wan style! lol!

This was the focus page for November 2010 in my Doc2010 album.

A close up of some hand cutting (perhaps don't look too hard at that bit) ;)

A lift up page so that I could fit 2 rather large pictures (both 7x5) onto one 12x12 page:

So, I'd like to know 'Would you rather roll in crisps with Gary Linekar or on the ice with Philip Schofield?!' LOL!

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