Friday, 27 January 2012

Home (for now)

Ok, I'm gonna admit it! I love this LO! I know I probably shouldn't admit this outloud but I do!

As soon as I saw that hexagon patterned paper in my Studio Calico kit I knew that I wanted to use it for these instagram photos that I took of the area I live.

One October afternoon, I walked through the village with my phone snapping away at local landmarks or areas of interest that just make me smile.

All the map patterns were just perfect and I'm so please this turned out as I wanted.

We moved house in Autumn into a neighbourhood we've always dreamed of living in. Events that unfolded weren't ideal and the house we wanted to buy didn't come through but renting for now will help us meet our aims with regards to Jacks school choices. We really hope that given the current economic situation too, that having no chain will pay off when a house we want does come up. The only issue is that this area is so lovely houses rarely come on the market- it really is a patience game for us at the moment.

In the meanwhile I plan to really enjoy the village atmosphere and that all our friends live locally.

Home for now anyway. With luck, 2012 has bigger and better property opportunities opening up for us.


  1. Hope the perfect house comes on the market soon! Great layout, I love the instagram photos!

  2. A gorgeous layout! I was fortunate enough to buy my first house last year. Fingers crossed soemthing comes up for you in the near future.

  3. Fab layout, I'm sure you'll find the perfect home soon.
    C xx

  4. This is a lovely DLO. Hope you find your house of dreams soon

  5. Great LO, and a great way to use the photos. Must try something similar myself ...

    And I've nominated you for an award on my blog -

  6. A great DLO - the colours are fab and I love how you have layed the photos out. Loving the blog overhaul too :)