Sunday, 8 January 2012

December Daily: Feedback post

Whilst I was preparing my December Daily album and posting my blog pages, several points regarding the December Daily album occurred to me which I thought might be worth sharing. And even if it's of no use to you, it might just serve as a reminder to me for next year. :)

What I've learnt:
1. I love this album. Yes, it takes time and commitment and by day 25 I'm ready to stop, but the finished project in its entirety is so worth it.

2. Preparation is key. Gather supplies. Print any overlays. Get the bulk of the album prepared. This year I did an A4 album. The advantages were that the pages were easier to print in preparation but it was quite daunting. I think next year I'm going to skip the overlays and simply make my own album with smaller pages made from cardstock and a small amount of patterned paper. It seemed silly to print A4 overlays and then cover them with the paper. I might as well skip the printing step next year and save the money that I would have spent on overlays. That said, the smaller overlays I used in 2010 (I think Ali did 6x8? were faffy to print but easier to use as the fitted 6x4 photos nicely- swings and roundabouts?)

3. Don't worry about what you're going to document. Life happens and nearly everyday I found something to journal. I thought this years album would be too similar to last years. It wasn't. I guess as the children grow up, they get into new things, find new experiences and that makes the album different.

4. I wish I'd had a notebook on hand or journalling spots ready in advance as often I had a story in my head and nowhere to put it. I did write notes on post its and added these to the album in the right place but that's not the same. Having a place to journal ready would have saved me having to rewrite things or trying to remember too hard. I guess, I think the journalling would have been more natural if it had of been written 'in the moment'. Plus all those cute things that the kids say- I would have them recorded more accurately. That brings me back to point 2- I think next year, smaller double page spreads are the way forward. One for photos. One for journalling. Something to think upon.

5. Photos. Using a mix of DSLR photos and iPhone photos really worked well for me as did using the instant photo printer at Boots. The smaller 3x4" photos were a great size and something I'd repeat again. Getting 4 photos to a 6x4 print? Not so great.

6. Memorabilia. I love including this. Drawings the children have done. Programme leaflets. Cards. Invites. All this helps to build the album up and give a broader picture of the season. I need to make sure I have enough pockets and envelopes to hold these things for next year.

I hope this has been a helpful review. If I think of anything else over the coming days I shall edit and add to this.

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  1. Love this reflection from you Lou! Good stuff! I have found after doing DD for at least 4 years now that every album is different! Even after Santa, sadly, isn't so mysterious anymore! :) My biggest problem? My album is overstuffed. I will need a ribbon to keep it closed. Oh, and did I mention it's not.quite.finished? A few more days to complete. But I WILL get this one done! I WILL. There. It's in print. Therefore, it's official! :)
    Hugs to you, Get well soon!!!