Saturday, 7 January 2012

December Daily: Day 3

Welcome back to Day 3 of my December Daily 2011 round up. It's the home straight today so well done if you've read my previous two posts. :)

Day 17: Village Christmas Party
Another manic day rushing about all over the place doing Christmassy activties. Lunchtime and early afternoon was spent in the village pub (hoorah!) at their childrens party. The kids really enjoyed the games and crafts and we had Santa visit number 3 (from a rather awkward looking, only just post-teenage Santa!) Kids enjoyed having their photos taken with him anyhow. :)
We then ended up back at my best friends house where we stayed for dinner and the children cosied up on the couch to watch Cars. Day 18: Christmas Nativity/Love Came Down
You can see my Love Came Down pics in this post here. I've mainly focussed on the nativity pics from Church on todays LO although I've added a smaller page protector in for the additional LCD photos and to include extra shots from the Nativity.

Day 19: Poorly boy

My first day off from kids in what seems like ages and what happens? Boy child wakes up with a fever. You seriously couldn't plan this stuff. :( Anyway, plans for me-time/scrapping/shopping/baking got put on hold whilst I dealt with him (obviously, how it should be) and therefore the next few days of LOs are pretty mundane. But you know what? That's how it was here this Christmas and I think that's kind of worth documenting too. Life isn't all cherry pie.

Day 21: Poorly day 3
Missing a day out for obvious reasons, I've headed to day 21 where Jack was showing signs of being slightly brighter but Emma was coming down with it. Joy. :( I was beginning to show signs of going stir crazy so with the Grandparents help, we headed into town for a while to pick up those last minute things. Funnily enough, boy child felt better when he saw the fairground rides but was really, really poorly when he was getting bored. Strange that. ;)

Day 22: The big food shop.

I enlisted the help of my parents today- dad to babysit and mum to help tackle the supermarket. I absolutely hate this element to Christmas but needs must and all. In the afternoon, I returned the favour by helping mum lay Christmas flowers at all the Grandparents gravestones.

Day 23: Christmas baking

Christmas ingredients in store, I made today my baking day. The children enjoyed making some Christmas Cookies and I started on the Christmas Cake (better late than never?). In actual fact the cake still isn't decorated to date, but I've been told airtight conainer+ feeding it with alcohol= fabulous cake next year. Consider myself super organised. ;)

Day 24: Christmas Eve

I love this day. Probably more than Christmas Day actually. There's something magical about it. We had friends over for lunch and the boys enjoyed decorating yesterdays cookies. Late afternoon, we then headed to the village church for their 'all in' Nativity. Once home the kids opened their Christmas eve presents (new pjs and a book) before having a bath and leaving cookies and a carrot for Santa. Jack was eager to choose exactly the right spot for his stocking to hang- right next to his head! There were no squabbles getting them to bed on time tonight. ;)

Day 25: The Big Day

For once, we were actually woken at the reasonable hour of 7am with a very excited Jack who was keen to tell us that Santa had been whilst simulataneously devouring the contents of his stocking. Once we were all awake and calm we went downstairs to see what else he'd brought. Santa was very generous with us this year. :) The rest of the day was a mix and blur of grandparent visits, toy construction and food. Altogether very enjoyable!

At the end of the album I always like to include a place for any handmade items to go. This year I used up a zip lock pocket I had left over from paperchase and added all the handmade cards I'd been sent. Given the time people had taken to make them, I think it's nice to keep for inspiration etc.

And that's that. My December Daily 2011. Done.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Great book, love reading about everything you've done. :)