Friday, 6 January 2012

December Daily: Part two

Wow! Two posts in a row... I'm almost on a roll with this blogging malarky! Lol!

These are my LO's from day 9-16 in my December Daily album. You can find the beginning LO's and a few more details about the album in part one which is here

Day 9: The Tree Festival
I absolutely love this evening. We head out to a local town, watch Santa arrive on the RoundTable float; play on the fairground in the market square; visit Santas grotto and then head into the Church to see the tree festival, drink tea and eat mince pies! What's not to like?

This year brought new adventures to the festivities as both children are now big enough to enjoy the fairground and they both wanted to have ride after ride (Mummys purse didn't like that as much!). I was actually surprised that Emma would ride on her own, but as usual she decided to prove me wrong and absolutely loved the experience. One of the photos had to be their faces on one of their many turns. The top photo was one of the trees within the Church.
Day 10: Mother In Laws 60th Birthday
We headed to Ipswich on the Saturday evening for party number two. The LO has two shots: one of MIL and FIL and one of me and my husband- I'll leave you to guess which photo is which... ;)

Day 11: Christmas cards
I was shockingly bad at sending out cards this year so if you got one then you should feel very priviledged. I must try better next year... Anyway, today I made some homemade cards with the kids to send to Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles etc... you know the kinda thing. I really love doing something personal like this as I think it's nice to see the changes over the years and the kids really enjoy making them too. This year I created a handprint angel card with them, using both of their handprints. A bit faffy but very sweet and worthwhile.

Day 12: Santa visit

I've given up counting how many times the kids saw Santa this year although it's something I'll be more aware of next year. All the playgroup/nursery/preschool/fete etc etc parties had a Santa and tbh, it did kinda start to loose the magic after a while. Anyway, this was the playgroup party where the kids met Santa (aka. the local vicar!) and they got a present. The kids seemed kinda happy with that arrangement! ;)

Day 13: Santa visit two

Jack had a party at nursery and the office staff sent me these photos of him with Santa2. They were allowed to go in fancy dress and Jack took his Spiderman/Powerrangers outfit. I've included additional pages alongside this to showcase the other photos that nursery sent me, mainly of Jack dressed as a Star in his nursery Nativity and of him watching the magician they had in at the party.

Day 15: Letter to Santa

We were slightly late in doing this, this year and again, next year I'll aim to do it earlier, but we did write our letters to Santa in the end and recieved a reply from Santa on Christmas Eve. I'm still trying to figure out the best address to send them to, to get a good reply... :)

Day 16: Christmas Party 3

Oh, the staff Christmas Party. How we look forward to such an event!? Last years was such a disaster that anything this year would have been better. Nelson, the office assistant, didn't disappoint with a Disney themed event. I went as Jessie from Toy Story which Jack was most pleased with as he then managed to nab the accessories later!

Thanks for getting this far. I promise to share the final LO's of the 2011 album with you tomorrow now that I'm on a roll... ;)


  1. Some beautiful pages of the children with santa, wishing you a very happy new year Lou.

  2. really loving your pages, hope you get the chance to finish december and post the rest for us to see. well done so far.