Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Review

  • TV on since 7:30am

  • 14 hours of Royal Wedding coverage watched and counting

  • 3 rows of WillKate bunting put up and taken down

  • 20 balloons blown up

  • 2 flags waved

  • 12 friends to celebrate

  • 1 bottle of bubbly drunk

  • 1 block of battenburg cake eaten along with about 19 Will and Kate themed cupcakes

  • Miscelleanous amounts of Earl Grey Tea brewed

  • 1 wedding tiara put back away again

  • Umpteen happy tears almost shed

I'm so glad we don't have Royal Weddings every week. I've loved the build up. I've loved the day off work. I've absolutely loved the pomp and ceremony but boy, am I pooped now!


  1. You are funny. So Manu of my friends were glued to the tv

  2. Can't wait to see some pics of your RW bash! Did you celebrate {Inter} National Scrapbooking Day?
    Email ya soon!

  3. Hi Lou, long time no "see", looks like you had a lovely day on the royal wedding :)
    Hope you are ok, just looked at your older posts, your two have grown so much!
    Loving that page you did, such gorgeous subtle colours.
    Take care