Monday, 18 April 2011

Return of the Astronut!

These photos had been waiting to be scrapped since Christmas and so I had them all ready to go in a homemade kit of papers and embellishments. However, the finished product turned out completely different to how I imagined- to start I'd only envisioned a SLO! The star themed lace cardstock never got touched either. Funny how these projects evolve... I misted the background using some chipboard pieces as masks. I think originally the pieces were actually meant to be flowers, but they looked like gears and cogs to me! The background paper was the reverse of old Crate Paper that I had lurking about. I used some Cogsmo paper from Cosmo Cricket (again old stash) and cut out all the cogs. I put one large one on the left to balance out the 3 photos on one side and one at the top to fill in some of the space. I also put this one slightly over the join to link the two sides together. I also added a cluster of smaller cogs here too using foam dots to make them pop from the page. Taking inspiration from the Cosmo paper I could see arrows that were made with perforated lines so I hand stitched arrows around the cogs using my WRMK Sewing tool. I added a couple of the element cards from the Cosmo Cricket line as well as a Fancy Pants star acetate border that I had lurking in my stash box and some alien/monster stickers that I bought from Paperchase. Some scanned images as I couldn't photograph it well as a DLO (excuse the fact the scanner has cut the edges off). LHS: RHS:
The title was a play on words and was a favourite line of mine from ToyStory3 which is my sons favourite movie. He was desperate for a Buzz Lightyear at Christmas which made me think of Rex's line in the movie when Buzz goes 'all Spanish' - "It's the return of the Astro-nut!" . Typically I didn't have enough alphas in one range so I delved into my spare lettering stash and pulled out a range of font styles in co-ordinating colours. To make sure that the play on words is highlighted, I underlined the word 'nut' using hand stitching.

My only issue with this LO is that the paper has curled slightly where I misted it (I'm to misting)- I'd appreciate any tips on how to stop this?

Thanks, L xx


  1. fabulous dlo, love all the bits and pieces to look at :)

  2. Love, love, love this! The colours are just perfect and it's great that it's a 'boy' layout and yet still really detailed.

  3. Fantastic layout, so many details to look at, love it.

  4. Love it, such an interesting LO (lots of bits and pieces to grab the attaention). And I am with you on projects not turning out how you'd imagined - mine often start off one way and turn out completely different too.

  5. Awesome layout Lou! Can't believe I almost missed this post! :)