Saturday, 9 April 2011

Circle Journal

Finally, I've managed to find time to finish my Circle journal album and upload the LO's from it! This CJ was completed by ladies in my scrapping team on UKS and I'm sooooo pleased with the results. The theme was 'Women in my family' - I sent each member an envelope with photos of a different female member of my family, going back several generations and asked my teamies to scrap it with either a sewing theme or colours from the Cosmo cricket 'Material Girl' line. So with out further ado... My mum (scrapped by AD):
My maternal Grandmother 'Nanny Nora' (scrapped by Sally):

My Paternal Grandmother (scrapped by Jackie):

My Maternal great grandmother (on my grandfathers side) scrapped by Dawn:

Me as scrapped by my best scrapping buddy, Mel (love ya Mel!):

Florence May, my maternal great grandmother as scrapped by Tracy:

My paternal great aunt, Pauline scrapped by Paula:

Thank you girls so much! I love my album. You did a wicked job! :)

Now all I need is a snappy name for the album cover- any suggestions?


  1. Such a neat idea to do a circle journal of family members! Your friends DId rock it out! Notice your GG name was Florence. My paternal grandmother's name was Florence Magdalena. Your circle journal is giving me the urge to do some more work on my AE Yesterday and Today album!
    Hope you are well mate and I'm thinking good thoughts on your house selling too!

  2. Thanks for posting the photos. I really enjoyed working on my LO for this and it's fab to see it now it's complete. What a great record to keep and pass down.

  3. Fabulous to see it all completed - you must be really pleased with it. I know I'm knocked out with mine :O)

  4. That's LOVELY Lou! TFS! I'm with AD, Love mine too! ;) x