Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Project life week 9-12

Hello March...
Week 9:
Some more small snapshots of our daily life including childrens bedtime routine, favourite games and the cost of our shopping! You'll also notice that this is where the album changes slightly as I started printing my pictures at home hence they're smaller (I usually use instagram as my camera so this is actually easier for me than using professional printers although I'm thinking of changing this up again soon- more on that later!) and my Project Life official kit came so the page protectors change look again (so far I'd been using WRMK and American Crafts). I also included a quote I'd seen on twitter which seemed appropriate for this time in my life.

Week 10:

Some spring pictures, some photos from preschool and some really old pictures that my friend found of us from years ago and emailled me. :) Also silly photos from my work trip to Birmingham with a friend along with our daft, pre trip texts. I've also included other small details from our daily lives including my children reading together.

Week 11:

A surprise! My H bought me a new bike! Also some other small details of our life such as alphabet dinners, being waved off to work from the window, LEGO minifigures, texts between myself and my mum, another self portrait plus my nephews 1st birthday. Phew!

Week 12:

The sun came out and so did we! I cut the grass which was so satisfying plus we had trips to the park and an afternoon stroll with the grandparents.

Almost caught up. Just a few more weeks to go...

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  1. Lou!! you are doing a fab job with your PL! Just darling!