Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Project Life weeks 5-8

And into February we go..
Week 5:
Snow, snow and a bit more snow! Some playgroup shots, a few favourites from myself and some writing from Jack. I did an insert for the snow day alongside a page showing the story of how the snow came down following our afternoon tobagganing.

Week 6:

A few 'looking up' & 'looking down' shots to show the difference in the weather plus some photos to show the thermometer showing negative readings. A work photo, a funny story about my two superheroes and some writing taken from an envelope my son wrote on as well as my nephews birthday insert.

Week 7:

More superhero behaviour as well as another half term cold (any other teachers always get poorly at holiday time?), some photos of my crocheting progress, my little cook in the kitchen plus his first (not very successful) trip to the cinema (both on inserts). In hindsight, I should have done these as one 12x12 insert (a side per topic) rather than two 6x12s. I would change it now but I've been thrifty and scrapped on both sides of the paper so it won't work. :( There's also the story of us buying our house alongside a few smaller details of our life plus our first envelope page with artwork and valentines cards inside.

Week 8:
Some lovenotes from my H and my bestie plus a self portrait and a sunset shot I took on my walk home from work. I've also included the story of what happened with our landlord as I don't want this album to be completely 'glass always full'. Another insert of our daily life with Em plus her horrible illness which went on for over a week. :(

And onwards to March....

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