Thursday, 31 March 2011

Too much time..

on my hands? Yup, probably. You'd think that with 2 young children, a house to run and schoolwork to do, I'd have better things to do this afternoon than make 36 cupcakes but it would seem that I don't. lol. Ah well, a little of what I fancy, makes me happy! Chocolate nests: Roses in bloom:

Plus chocolate and banana. Yum! Rest assured, these aren't for me but coffee morning on Saturday although one might not make it that far... ;)

I figured that a little cake was appropriate for my 100th post. :) Crafty photos will return soon. :)


  1. They look amazing and I bet they taste good too!

  2. Lou - these look lovely!! Anytime you want to make some for crop night, feel free ;o)