Sunday, 27 March 2011

A good old spring clean!

I love this time of year. I love the lighter nights and the lighter mornings. I love the flowers that are brightening my garden and the fact that the children can now play outside all afternoon if they desire. I like being able to stick my washing on the line rather than the tumble drier. All simple stuff. I equally love the chance to have a spring clean and a declutter. It simply appeals to my stupidly obsessive and 'born organised' nature. I can't help it; I'm offically a saddo! ;-) I sent a large bag of my baby junk to the NCT sale on Saturday and hopefully made about £90- not bad from stuff we no longer used. Spurred on, I've been in the mood to tackle the attic and shed ready for a carboot sale that I'm planning on doing with my mate. I've spent a fair whack of my afternoon, cleaning my bedroom, which to be fair, did need it. I even pulled out the bed to hoover underneath and discovered a whole new colour carpet. Amazing! I've hoovered, dusted, washed, sprayed, polished, organised and binned- and it feels good! It's nice to curl up in bed tonight in a duvet with new covers and smell that freshly washed fragrance (although this is making it sound like I don't change my bedding very often...) I still need to declutter my wardrobe and the attic, not to mention all the places where I store my craft stuff but I'm seeing a difference already. I will not be moving all our junk to the new house and I'll hopefully have some space and pennies from it too. I'll be ready for the summer with a clean house. Fab!

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  1. I SO need to be doing lots of spring cleaning myself!!
    And where do I find the time to the WEE hours! When all the house is quite and sleeping..or the occasional night with Suz ;D