Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Look what I made!

Finally! It's finished! This window seat cushion project has been on the go for about a year. Some days I get these great ideas and then months later I wonder what I was thinking! Mum and I have worked on it in pieces and last week I pressed her to get it finished so she showed me what I needed to do. We then tried the foam in it (which didn't fit!) and also realised that we'd put the zip in the wrong place (!) so I spent the weekend unpicking all the stitches, re pinning and tacking the boxing in the right place and then resewing it all. I did have to trim the foam slightly (it hung over the edge of the seating) but it now fits the cushion and the cushion fits the bay. Yay! I'm sure mum will probably see some areas where we could adjust it to improve it but for now I'm happy that we have somewhere else to sit.



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