Thursday, 19 August 2010

Do you have any of those projects which seem like a good idea at the start and gradually you realise your mistake? Well, I'm currently in the midst of one of them!
My dining table is covered in the pieces of a window seat cushion that I started sewing ages ago. It was one of those projects that I started after seeing my SIL making items for her home and thinking 'How hard could that be?' As we have bay window with a fitted window seat, a comfy cushion a la 'Friends' seemed like an ideal item to do however, after nearly a year of it, I've found out that it's actually harder than it seems. lol!
Mum has been helping me (lots) but I'm fairly sure that the seamstress gene skipped a generation in me. So far we've made the cushion pattern and bought the material and foam padding and mum has taught me to cut and hem the material to stop it fraying and we've made the boxing and added the zip.
We're really just at the home stretch now trying to tack and sew the pieces together and it's gradually taking shape although it's been so long now, I'm just desperate to get it finished! K wants to think about putting our house on the market after Christmas so I desperately need to finish it so that I can at least get some wear out of it (either that or we'll have to buy a house which has an identical window seat!)

In between times I've made Jacks Cbeebies birthday card this week and K has taken it in to work and dropped it off. No doubt on the day we'll be on 'Birthday Time' watch eagerly trying to spot whether our card made it. It had to be Postman Pat as Jack is amd about him. The present lifts up and Jacks photo is underneath. I'm so sad as I told K that I hope Andy reads it out as I have a smallish crush on him. I'm sure it's wrong to fancy childrens TV presenters but given that's all I really watch nowadays it's hardly surprising.

I've also been 'harvesting' my home grown veg this week. We've been trying to grow own own mainly as an experiment as to what we can grow ourselves and to try and get J a bit more interested into veg and teach him how things grow. He's turning out to be an excellent 'seed waterer' (everything is a seed to him, even if it's fully grown!) and knows all the different fruit and veg that are growing.

This is my potato harvest (bloomin' lovely roasted with some salt but a pain to grow- wouldn't bother again) along with the smallest carrots ever. In my defence, they were a small variety (not that small!) although in the carrots defence, Jack has dug them up umpteen times. My tomatoes are also ripening so they got roasted too and we steamed some green beans too, which are Emmas favourite.
Emma does love her food as witnessed in these pics taken yesterday. Obviously, using a spoon to eat your weetabix is so last season. Sticking your hands straight in is much more 'now'.

She also does a great Dale Winton impression! Gotta love those cheeks!

Right, must get on with that sewing!

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