Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dabbling a toe in the Art Journalling world

I've seen some great examples of Art journalling recently and will admit to being more than a little curious and in fact, possibly jealous at their talent. A thread on UKS about AJing popped into my attention so after spending 2 nights reading it all through, I was convinced I wanted a go to see if it was for me.
I have to say that I've really enjoyed myself and although these first pages aren't great, I can see lots of potential for this in the future perhaps for those things that I want to record but I don't want to dedicate a layout too. I'm also finding that some of the enjoyment is coming from the sense of their being no right or wrong. I don't think I'd have ever dared to paint over PP in a scrapbook like this in case it didn't work (I'm such a perfectionist!) and yet in my AJ it doesn't seem to matter somehow. Perhaps I'm making scrapping less about me and my memories and more about pretty pages and getting it 'right' and therefore I'm forgetting what I actually love about this hobby in the first place.
Anyway, didn't mean to start getting all meaningful! This is my first 'finished' AJ page although it's actually the second one I started working on. I'm not quite sure about the rain drops but I'm not bothered enough to change them! lol.
This is the first page I started working on but it's not complete yet. I think I'll be changing the 'B' at some point as I don't like it. Suggestions on how to do this welcome. I also need to find some images to start collaging on my pages.


  1. Oh wow, these are just fabulous - what a great beginning. There are loads of digital collage sheets out there you can download - try Artchix or Paper Whimsy for starters. Have you thought of outlining the B in white pen to make it stand out?

  2. Fantastic pages Lou, I really love the rain drops. The paint puddle you have placed on the page is great too, very realistic. I like the blessed page but I do think the B is a little out of place, maybe use Rosie's idea.

    Fab first pages though...

  3. Fantastic pages, those drops are just tight. Can you highlight the B in white???

  4. Great first pages! I'd go with high lighting the B on your second page with a white pen as well. I totally understand what you mean about scrapbooking, art journals are great for allowing you some freedom.

  5. Great first pages, Im envious you got started. Love them both. What about filling in the insides bits of the B with the orange background. Hope that makes sense!

  6. Fab start Lou! You'll find those nice free experimental feelings multiply as you do more! Images: I use old books, postcards, internet searches, family photos. The B - I'd cut a big B from an advert and collage it on and then doodle round it, or make a 'tile' by sticking an alpha sticker on a square of card and inking the edges. Or you could do that with the whole word and just stick it over.

  7. great pages, I really should get stuck into my art journals, but they've been overtaken by other projects