Friday, 20 August 2010

Living it up on a Friday night!

I was clearing out my new classroom ready for the start of the term and in amongst all the junk to be thrown away was this jar of lovely buttons. Now, I'm not one to waste an opportunity so I salvaged it and tonight, I've finally had a good chance to sort through them and replenish my button tins. A lot of them were plain cream and black ones but I'm pleased to now have loads of larger buttons as well as some fabric ones and some that look kinda vintagey. I was also chuffed with this collection of wooden and metally ones as I don't have any like that. I'm not sure how easy they'll be to attach to layouts etc but I'll have a go anyhow.
In town today, I was pleased to see that we have a new super big Poundland and as this is the opposite end of town to the other store I have no excuse for not popping in now when I'm shopping. Mum and I decided to check it out and this week, there wasn't much I wanted (I'm still looking for the Shrek cookie cutters) but I did find this pack of diamond bling which I could see being used on some Christmas cards and if not, layouts. I also popped into Paperchase and found these cute pin badges reduced to £1.25 and £1.90 each (not sure why they weren't the same price but hey, ho) which I thought I could take the backs off of and use them as scrapbook embellishments. I especially like the ones with the little birdies.

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