Sunday, 15 August 2010

FOR SALE: One toddler. Potty trained (just). Can be cute but blink and you'll miss it. One volume (loud). Would suit early riser (6am) Will need feeding and watering (on a regular basis) Will happily tell you if that wasn't what he ordered. Short attention span unless you're Postman Pat or Fireman Sam, in which case nothing else will exist. Doesn't understand the word 'no' although 'why?' and 'what's that?' seem to occur regularly in his speech. Has sixth sense as to when you have sat down/gone to the loo/made a cuppa/reached for the biscuit tin. No refunds accepted over the next few years (or until DD reaches same age whereby I'll consider an exchange).*

Yes, it's been another one of 'those' weekends and red wine, chocolate hobnobs and an early night seem to be the only cure. Please tell me it'll pass!

*Note to any weirdos reading this- I'm joking. My son isn't for sale. I'd never inflict that on another person.

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