Friday, 26 March 2010

What's rocking my world today?

In no apparent order:

1. I'm feeling pretty pleased that I'm now on week 16 of breastfeeding my daughter. She's so easy to feed and when she smiles at me halfway through a feed it's all worthwhile. I know that my son was on formula by now so this feels like a particularly momentous milestone to reach.

2. I've been out running twice this week so I have 8 miles under my belt. I'm hoping to get another 4 in tonight and perhaps twice over the weekend.

3. I've picked up an entry form for this:

Mind you I still have to fill it in, don't I?

4. I've been lusting over this new Crate paper collection over at Sarahs cards too. Just perfect for all my girly pages.

5. Whilst talking about scrapbooking and the fabby Sarahs cards, I'm also looking forward to my £75 for £25 grab box of goodies to arrive. :) Plus my kit arrived this week too so loads of yummy stash to use. :)

6. I'm also loving my new papers and chipboard from 3Jolly Scrappers. I'm a bit of a Cosmo Cricket nut anyway so their girly line is right down my street:

7. On a random note, Costa Skinny caramel lattes are high on my faves list too. And the pashmina scarves that I bought in town for a £1 each. Bargain and such a fab accessory.

What's not rockin my world?

1. My 'i' key on my laptop. Stop sticking please.

2.Growth spurts. Fussy feeding babies are no fun.

3.The fact that I'm 5 days and counting till potty training starts. Eek. Pass the red wine please.

Have a great weekend all! :)

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