Saturday, 27 March 2010

Just your usual Saturday then?

So calm and peaceful is so not how I'd describe my day so far. We've (me, a toddler and a baby)had a harrowing trip to the hell that is Tescos on a Saturday morning so that I could stock up on the fresh stuff for the week and purchase a few potty training essentials. We now have a reward chart and stickers, some extra pairs of easy pull down trousers (I'm being prepared!) plus even more pants that Jack choose for himself. I'm working on the assumption that a potty training toddler can never have too many pairs of pants, right? He also chose some Postman Pat vests which for £4 were worth the peace and quiet that they bought. The boychild is just a bit PP mad.
We also stopped off to get him some passport photos done which just goes to prove I'm crazy as anyone who has had passport photos done in the past will know. It's hard enough doing them as adults but with a 2 year old is near on impossible. So anyway, there I am, on my own, baby in trolley, toddler in booth, balancing him on my arm/shoulder whilst trying to keep myself out of shot and trying to convince him that if he kept looking ahead at the machine, Postman Pat would appear (did I already mention that he's Postman Pat mad?). After 3 attempts we finally got one that I hope is acceptable. We did try at home before we left but these were the best we got:

Now I know you're supposed to look miserable in passport pics but these are just classics. I feel some scrapping coming on!! lol.
After all that, I definitely needed a caramel latte to cheer me up (plus the babe was crying) so
to Costa we headed (Have I also mentioned I have a thing for skinny caramel lattes?)
When I got home, peace was firmly restored with the arrival of my Sarahs Cards £75 for £25 box which was full of yummy stash. There were loads of lovely papers and CS as well as American Crafts embellishments, pens, ribbons, journalling boxes, thickers, bling and brads! Even though I wouldn't have neccesarily chosen some of that stash myself on closer inspection I can definitely see loads of possibilities for it so I shall enjoy playing with that. :)
Anyway, boy child is demanding food so I must dash. Laters.

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  1. Bless him Louise,hope you enjoyed your caramel late. Goody box looks scrummy, have ordered one myself.

    Carol X