Monday, 14 November 2011

Home organiser file

I'm feeling rather proud of this little project. I quite often get ideas of things to make, get all the products ready, start it and then discover it lying half finished at the back of the cupboard months later! But not this little project. Thought of, designed and made in less than 24 hours and using mostly things I already had handy! Aren't you proud of me?!

I saw a little journal organiser album in Paperchase on Friday (similar to this but a bit more retro) and could see loads of uses for it in my house given that I ALWAYS have a hotspot of paperwork that looks like this in my kitchen: I knew I could use some old October Afternoon retro stash and some paper infills that I had left over from my Week In The Life project so I simply bought an A5 kraft ringbound album for £3 and some ruled paper which came with 5 plain pocket folders for about £3 too. Instantly cheaper than buying a pre made album!

A couple of hours later I've ended up with this useful album:

I started by misting each of the pocket pages using some Mr Hueys in Piglet, Orchard and a green that I can't remember the name of. These were to co-ordinate with the OA papers. I also used some masks on some pages.

I added paper at the bottom of each pocket page and some borders or border stickers, some simple embellishments and a title for each section. I used a 1.5" circle punch to make some tabbed dividers. I divided mine into 5 sections each with a pocket page, lined paper and a zip pocket and then I've added some 4x6 divided pages at the back of the album.

My sections were:

1) To do lists (I think this could be a big section!)

2) Contact list/addresses:

3) Shopping (Handy for writing shopping lists, storing reciepts and, at the moment, all those coupons supermarkets keep sending me!)

4) Activities (think this will end up with memos etc for preschool & nursery mainly)

5) This is a misc. section for anything else I decide I need later:

I'm already loving having this on my side instead of the ugly pile of mail and it was so simple and quick to do.


  1. Lou, that is LOVELY! I may have to "borrow" that idea in the not too distant future!! :)

  2. looks stunning and what a fab idea :)

  3. Love that idea...looks great, too.

  4. Clever idea and looks fantastic too!

  5. Great idea, I will have to make one of these!

  6. Love it! Great misting! Love the pattern! ;)

  7. Thanks for inspiring... just placed an order with Paperchase ;)

  8. Great Idea Lou, thanks for showing :D


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