Friday, 11 November 2011

Pretty Paper Party- more LOs

Despite having a young daughter, I'm not really a pink and lilac type scrapper. I had a set of papers left over from a class kit though, that were all the things I'm not! Oh dear. What would normally happen is that they would get left amongst all the other pp I have that is no longer loved until the day came when I would donate it (either to the bin or school!).
However, Shimelles Pretty Paper paper prompt encouraged us to make up kits of paper, chop into them with no particular plan in purpose and then use them to make a LO.
Despite not really loving these Echo Park papers, I took them out, added some Crate Paper Paper Doll remnants and a couple of sheets of cardstock and Voila! A new kit.
Cutting into it was difficult even with papers I didn't love but trusting Shimelle, I just did it!
The Lo's that follow are pretty much exclusively the result of that trust. (And for paper I didn't love, I don't think I did too badly?)

My Em at the farm in summer- a rare moment of quietness.... Digging through my photo stack I found this photo but rather than journalling about that moment in time, I decided to be retrospective and journal about how familar that grumpy face has become to me- my daughter certainly knows her own mind!

This photo was just ideal to highlight my dads nickname for Emma (and I threw in a splattering of paint, a la Shimelle, for good measure!)

This was using strips of leftover paper- paper I would normally have thrown away! I actually really like this LO in RL (it doesn't show up as well in a photo):

Another weaning photo (think I've finally seen the end of all those!):

Another summer photo from the farm- Emma chasing the chickens!

And then a few cards to finish off:

T4L xx

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