Friday, 25 November 2011

Cath Kidston Bunting

About a month ago, I was at a charity sale where they had some samples of Cath Kidston material for sale at only 10p a piece. Not one to resist a bargain especially when I a) love CK b)like making things and c) have a daughter who has lots of flowery, girly prints in her room, I had a buy a pile of them!

One of the first things I wanted to make was a string of bunting flags for Emmas room. The very same girl was poorly this week, so whilst I was off work with her, I decided to use her nap times to make a start on this project:

These were the material rectangles that I started with:

1. I folded each rectangle in half lengthways, and ruled a line almost corner to corner. I knew I was going to sew a hem on each triangle hence I didn't go fully corner to corner. Once the hem was stitched it would be a true triangle.

2. These are my piles of 'triangles'. I did 15 (3 triangles x 5 designs).

3. This is what one triangle looks like when unfolded.

4. I then pinned a hem on all the flags into the triangle shape


5. I then tacked each flag before sewing them neatly along each tacked edge using my sewing machine.

6. Once I had sewn all the flags, I unrolled the tape I was using to hold the flags. Mine was 2m long and cost about £2-3 from John Lewis. With the tape on the floor, I played around with the placement of the flags. I decided that 9 flags was about right with a 2m length. I found the middle of the tape and placed the middle flag in that position. Working out to either side, I placed the other flags on the tape leaving a 2 inch gap between each flag. I finished with a longer length of tape at the ends to allow for knotting/hanging.

7. Happy with my flag placement, I pinned the flags in place before sewing them properly.

I'm very, very happy with the finished result!

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  1. so pretty. hope little girl is feeling better now.