Sunday, 31 July 2011

Week in the Life- A summary

This week we've mainly been:
tackling the washing mountain and then the ironing piles

Drinking lots of coffee (more than I initially believed- eek!)

Shopping for food

Remembering to reuse our bags -yay! I'm such a nightmare at this.

Keeping fit

Spending family time at the beach

Splashing and 'netting' (Jacks words)

Chilling with a book

or at least trying to

Climbing sand dunes

Being woken by tickly feet

Taking self portraits (needs practice!)

Being a mum and doing those jobs no-one else wants to do

Watching childrens TV

Tidying up the garden

Playing Super heroes

Eating together

Getting us all ready

Having Grandpa hands at swimming

Thinking about the way times are changing:

Doing more running:

Copying the Big Brother

but deciding hearts are best:

Having extended family meals:

Washing up!

1 comment:

  1. wow, great week, love those photos, hope you enjoy putting your album together.