Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Week in the Life- day one

I've decided (at last minute, like most things in my life!) to participate in Ali E's 'Week in the Life' project, whereby you document and record a week in your life via photos and observations. This week is the photo and notes week; next week comes the 'putting it together part'. I'm not sure that this will be truly representative of a normal week for me as both K and I are on annual leave but I'll give it a shot!

Anyway, this was our Monday. We headed out to Legoland, Windsor after staying overnight at my PILs. I had had a rubbish night on an airbed with Emma (who proved that it was virtually impossible for her to sleep on a double airbed without falling off somehow) and both of us were not in the mood for the early wake up call that K gave us. Much grumbling ensued.

Finally got in the car at 7:50am and made our getaway with Em & I promptly falling back to sleep again. By 9am it was clear that traffic was manic, crashes were galore and we blatently weren't going to make it to Windsor for the 10am opening. Somewhere on the M25, we ended up stopping for a 'comfort break' too. Not much chance of getting 2 kids back into the car without tonnes of whining and crying. Tensions were fraught to say the least. This wasn't looking like our finest plan.

Finally, sometime around 11, we finally made it here: The queues for entry were manic and all Jack kept asking for was to go into Legoland- try explaining non-moving queues to a 3 year old!

The relief when we finally made it inside the gates was immense. Almost immediately did we have one happy chap!

He just loved these guys who talked (scared me witless the first time they did it though!)

Even the dog barked!

A snap for my American friends :)

How cool are these models? Really made me want to build something!

We went on a few rides, found our bearings & had some lunch before making the most of the warm weather by splashing in the water park. Luckily, I'd been told by a colleague to bring their swimmers and a towel so we were prepared! :)

Then time for the icecream shot (how else do we bribe them out of the waterpark?)

Portrait of moi, looking shocking on little sleep and no mascara, taken by 3 year old (with help from me), but hey, at least it proves I was there (am I the only one who is never in the photos?)

Several more rides followed, before more food and more rides.

Another shot to prove 'I was there!' (taken on way out)

Finally left park at 8:15pm for the 2 hour drive home. All were completely shattered but happy. Day one: done!

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