Monday, 4 July 2011

Ending the blogging drought..

Ha! This has got to be my longest post EVER! I started uploading the pics at 5pm and now, after a trip to the out-of-hours Dr, (him at home, not me!) I can finally complete it at 10pm!

Anyway, I thought I'd quickly share a few cards I've made recently and try to break the blogging drought that I've been in.

Firstly, I made this for 'The Wife', otherwise known as my teaching partner. She's affectionatly known as 'The wife' because I joke that I see more of her and talk to her more than I do my husband! It's her birthday today so I made this using inspiration taken from Pinterest:

(dodgy stamping, but I couldn't find my plastic block for stamping so had to improvise)

Using up the scraps of paper left on my desk, I then made:


Several months ago, I made this for Suz Mannecke ~(check out her blog using the link at the side of my blog):

And then using some scraps of vey old Crate Paper, I made these ultra simple and very quick cards:

Thanks for looking. xx

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