Monday, 14 February 2011

My boys

3 years ago this little bundle of joy was brought into my life. He was born 4 weeks earlier than expected, in somewhat traumatic circumstances but we're so blessed to have him. I not only get to call him my nephew but I'm privileged to be his Godmother too.

He looks so cute in his glasses. He's such a good boy with them and never ever fusses about having to wear them.
He just loved the ball pit at his birthday party:

Mindyou, so did my other nephew:
We spent a good 20 minutes just covering ourselves in balls and jumping in. Even 'Auntie Lou Lou' was encouraged to join in the fun. It was so special just to have some 1 on 1 (or 3?) time between my and 'my boys'. It was special to see them play together so beautifully and to see them bond.
Josh and Jack were enthralled by this rather cheesy bear that sang a love song with flashing lights on it's tummy when you pressed its paw. It was even cuter when Josh said, 'Let's dance!' and they both danced to it's song:

I swear this boy grows more handsome by the day:

It was a wonderful (and exhausting weekend) but I loved every second that I got to spend with them.


  1. How fun! Love he ball pit! ( Minus the germs of course- lol)
    Thanks for the Rob Bell video link. It was wonderful. I may show to my sis at some point too. Powerful stuff!
    Take care you.