Saturday, 5 February 2011

You know you're old when..

1. A night out with your mates starts with a civilised meal at 7pm.
2. You refuse to pay entry into a bar that you used to be able to get into for free (and possibly underage too!)
3. In a bar, you're looking around to see what the 'trendy' thing to drink now is.
4. Whilst dancing, your mates comment that the 'music's rather loud' and this wasn't said as a good thing.
5. You move from one room to another because the second one's playing 80's music whereas the first one is just 'a noise'. In the same instant, you go from being the oldest people in the first room to the youngest group in the second room.
6. Rather than chatting to your friends about 'that fit bloke you were snogging last week' like you used to, you find yourselves placing an order for IKEA furniture with your friends who are going home shopping in the morning.
7. In a club, you hear yourself saying, 'really, what IS she wearing?'
8. You no longer get chatted up by cute men.
9. Your shoes hurt so much, you wish you were at home in your slippers.
10. 24 hours after the last drink, you still feel hungover.

'Nuff said.


  1. Ok...that post SO made me chuckle out loud! Can completely relate to it!

  2. Well I've never had this happen to me.... Only cause I'm a homebody who never had any fun

  3. lol! this is sooo true Lou