Thursday, 1 November 2012


Today we met friends at the Park for a walk (or run) and play. I just love this city park and this time of year. I took the camera as I was hoping for some good Autumn shots whilst the daylight was ok. I did play with the camera settings a bit incl. some time in manual mode with varying amounts of success. Unfortunately, some of the better shots were close ups of my friends little boy so I can't share those here but hopefully she'll love them.

 There was a fair bit of tree climbing....

 and of course, whatever one can do, so can the other!

 My boy. So handsome. I love him so much!

 Her. Beautiful. Its so rare to get a good shot of her as she moves so much!! I'm thinking they might make good shots for the grandparents gifts at Christmas!

Then, the rain came down and spoilt our fun. The cafe was closed so no hot chocolate (boo hiss!) and we all went home slightly colder and wetter than we arrived. I think I might revisit the park at the weekend and see if I can improve on these shots and maybe try some new ideas too. If you have any links to similar shots for my inspiration then please comment and link me up!

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