Friday, 28 September 2012

Project life:10-16 Sept

Amazingly my Project Life has been up to date for the last two weeks so I can actually blog what I've done!

This week was a completely manic week (all of September has been manic here!) and I hadn't taken too many photos so I decided instead to journal most of my week, day by day to explain why they weren't many pictures. On the whole, I think this worked. I  spent time journalling quotes from the children such as when Emma planned her birthday party and then declared very seriously, 'I need people!'. Rent a crowd, anyone?
I also documented more birthday party shenanigans as well as memories such as the scent from a bottle of shower gel that reminds me of my time in hospital when Jack was born.
 On this page I used a cutdown piece of packaging from Jacks birthday as a photo replacement. Again, just plenty of journalling about the non stop manicness of our lives!
I certainly haven't missed sifting through a load of photos this week and equally, focussing on the journalling, and doing the week at hand as it happens has lead to much more meaningful pages. I think I'm going to try to be much more focussed on stories in the future, rather than events. Does that make sense? How do you approach your PL album?

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