Thursday, 27 September 2012

Around Here & Project LIfe

Around here... We've been enjoying the final few days together when school isn't an issue and we can just play and relax. We've been reflecting on how life might change when you start school and how this makes me feel both happy and sad.

Around here.. We've noticed how quiet the house is when you guys aren't here and how strange that feels. I think it might take some getting used to.

Around here... We've been busy preparing for school, making sure uniform is ready; lunches are made and bags are packed. We've been talking lots about what to expect and who will be doing what. Organisation has been a huge factor in this week.

Around here...We've been taking our first days at school. Admittedly, just half days to start with but school nonetheless. You've loved it and have so far (re)learnt the phonics for S, A and T. We've had lots of singing the Jolly Phonics songs and asking questions. Curoisity is good, Jack. You need to foster that enthusiasm for learning.

Around here: We've had lots of telephone calls to Daddy. To wish you good luck. To see how you're doing. It's been good to be in touch.

Around here: Whatever one is doing, the other is not far behind copying. We'd hate you to feel left out!

Around here: We've been pottering in the garden, doing the autumn tidy up and being amazed by how much is in bloom or is blooming twice. I cut the roses back after they finished flowering in July and now they're at it again!

Around here: We've been projecting lifeing. We've been documenting the ups and downs of trying to juggle family and work commitments and how grateful we are for good friends who help us out when we need it. We've been grateful for long distance friends sending extremely kind gifts and reigniting my 12x12 mojo:

 Documenting a colour copy of the first piece of work Jack did for school as an insert page along with another random drawing on the reverse:

Lots of journalling to document my feelings alongside an insert with pictures of J doing his school prep and his school tray:

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  1. I found your blog via Ali Edwards' retweet. This was a great project to participate in. I love your Project Life pages.