Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My shadow friend- the 'Start here' challenge.

I really enjoyed playing along with this challenge. Starting from the following point we had to then continue to build our own layout.

I had an old collection of Crate Paper goodies nearby and a photo of my daughter and I (otherwise known as 'my shadow') and thought this would be a great challenge to scrap that photo. She has to go everywhere that her 'Mama' goes: in the bathroom, to the toilet, in the kitchen and can't possibly be more than a few metres away from me at all times (cute but incredibly frustrating when you just need a few minutes peace!). On this day, I'd just laid on the picnic blanket ready to enjoy the sun with a few friends, when my shadow promptly came and sat on my back- no doubt to make sure I didn't leave without her! A perfect photo opportunity!

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