Monday, 15 August 2011

Add to the story (with words, not beverages!)

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might know about the incident with this layout+cup of tea. Not my finest moment ever and certainly not one to be repeated (you'd have thought I'd have learnt my lesson with the glass of red+December Daily prepartion, wouldn't you?) but here's the damage anyway.

The photo actually makes it look worse than it is in real life and with a misting of glimmer mist and the speckles in the paper, it's not that noticeable IRL so I was surprised about how bad it looks on the photo, but hey ho. Lesson learnt and all that.

Anyway, I liked the element card with 'Do you remember?' written on it and felt like this LO needed something else (non beverage related!) that would fully explain the emotions and background to this photo.

As it was, my son was born 5 weeks premature, and as my first born, this was more of a shock than ever! When I think back to the time surrounding his labour, there are several memories that instantly spring to mind and so for Shimelles, 'Add to the story' challenge, I thought I'd add some of those details using journalling strips.

The journalling says things like 'Do you remember the panic when my waters broke five weeks early?', 'Do you remember the rush to get to the hospital to get help?', 'Do you remember how we sent Nanny out to buy some baby clothes that would fit a tiny you? (pink & blue, just in case!) and then ends with 'No of course you don't, you were oblivious to it all!'

I'm pleased I did this challenge, despite of the 'damaged' layout and feel it tells a much more rounded story for Jacks album.

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  1. Haven't done this challenge yet but you have made a great job with adding the journaling strips. My daughter (1st born) was also 5 weeks early so I can empathise totally! We didnt even have a pram or cot let alone carpet in the nursery!