Thursday, 12 November 2009

This handmade malarky isn't as simple as it looks!

When I thought about myself as a parent I could always see myself doing lots of crafty type activities with my children and the reality is proving no different. I love making personal crafty type items with my son Jack for things like Christmas. In the past years we've sent photo cards, foot prints and hand prints turned into holly leaves with thumb prints as berries as cards for thank you's and Christmas cards. As he's a young 2, I needed to find a simple activity for our cards this year so I decided that we'd make some handprint Santas. I've been collecting all the items we need over the past few weeks and feeling organised I thought I'd make a start on them.

Unfortunately, as ever with a 2 year old, things are never that simple. Firstly, it took a fair bit of encouragement (and mum leading by example!) before he'd stick his hand into the paint. Once he'd done it once we were away but then trying to get him to just put his hand down once on the card was impossible and he wanted to pat the paper repeatedly instead. I managed just 2 decent handprints- think I may have to rethink my plans this year! Sticky shapes stuck onto a Christmas tree outline perhaps? lol.

Just in case we didn't have enough handmade stuff under our belts, we made some Pudsey cookies for the coffee morning I was doing today. I delegated the job of cookie decoration to my mum as there is only so much I can handle in one day! lol. This is their creation:

Yummy, huh?


  1. Aww Lou, those cookies look great :) You are braver than I am on the painting front, I daren't get the paints out with my son lol!!

  2. A valiant effort and it looks like Jack enjoyed himself! I was never that brave when mine were that young so kudos to you. The cookies look great.

  3. Oh but it's so much fun isn't it? I have to do things like that with my 2 year old when Daddy is safely at work otherwise he has a mini heart attack at the mess :D

    Pudsey cookies look fabulous, they did good!

  4. Oh bless him! And you for being so patient! It's OK as long as you can spare the 'control' feature that's inbuilt when you want to produce soemthing worth sending (canyou tell - been there!) and then there's the whole big breath and let the mess happen thing......mind you, if you could see my desk, you'd think a 2 year old had been playing at it!