Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Scrapped out? A post Cyber Crop blog!

Thought I should do a post CyberCrop update now that the madness of last weekend is starting to subside. It was my first CC and I don't think I've ever scrapped so hard (or so much!) and had so much fun in the process. This is what I got up to:
On the Friday night I went to my normal crop with Jo and Kim at 3jollyscrappers and Jo, Jo M and myself were the only 3 who were CCing so we looked like complete loonies around the laptop waiting for all our challenges! This was my first LO based on the theme of travel and using the sketch provided in the challenge as a basis:

Then it was time for the first class where I used the sewing machine to make this:
I then managed to make a start on the third class before leaving for the night although I had to finish it the next morning. Lots of sewing of ribbons and bright colours on this which is probably why I love it so much. Definitely techniques to repeat here: The next day involved a few more challenges and classes. I got a bit behind at this point as I went off to another crop which had a completely unconnected class going on so I couldn't catch up til I got home. Anyway Saturday LO's included:
  • Scrapping an achievement with sewing included somewhere (Is getting pregnant an achievement? I don't know but it'll do!)

  • Shimelle's class with multiple photos hidden behind the main one:

I got a bit distracted by X factor by this point so the rest of the challenges were put on my list for Sunday.

Sunday morning I did another class (Traciedoodles) which was fab and is probably my favourite LO/class of the weekend. All that cutting and doodling was definitely worth it:

Good witch/Bad witch Challenge aka a LO showing your good and bad sides. Perfect for pictures my brother and I as babies:I was starting to flag by this point but desperate to not let my team down and get as many points as I could hence the following LO's aren't my best but meet the criteria needed to gain points.

Courage (well I'd need courage to admit to these fashion disasters!):

Make a border and journalling mat and use it on the 'Take me home' challenge:
I think I'd gained about 4050 points by this point and was pretty much done for (as was Kev who wanted the dining table back!)

My Pre Crop Challenge based on home was this:

I was also pleased to come second on the mystery Kit challenge with this entry of items. I loved the minibook as I've never made one from scratch before and from a single sheet of cardstock too- bargain!:

Close up's of the MK:

Anyway, I had a fab weekend, am pleased with (most) of the LO's I made and can't wait for the next CC!


  1. Wow Lou, you did great. Your LOs are fab too, as well as quick :)

  2. You seemed to have worked as hard as I did on the cybercrop - have to say, 2nd place not too bad but got a first on the pre-crop challenge so was happy about that.... Love your Mystery kit book - will be going back for another look....Ta M

  3. Wow Lou you did so many LOs!! All gorgeous too!