Friday, 6 November 2009

A little bit of what you fancy does you good

I thought I'd blog some cards that I've made recently. I'm far from being a cardmaker and TBH it's not something that i've ever been that interested in but given that I have loads of leftover stash, I figured I could try my hand at making some and see what happens. Anyway, my BIL and SIL moved house today so I used some leftover papers from my Pre cyber crop challenge to make them this:
I was quite pleased with it although I realise it was quite a simple card. They recieved it this morning too which was a bonus for them and hopefully something nice for them to have at their new home.

I've also been shamelessly stealing ideas from other bloggers for my Christmas cards. My favourite blog at the moment is It's all Fiddle Fart which is full of fabby ideas. I honestly wish I could do what she does, as well as she does. I saw her idea for Early Learning Centre christmas baubles cards and figured that even a newbie like me could do that so I did! My attempts are here:

I've also had another play with the October kit from Sarahs Cards today and came up with this:

I bought the ribbon and flower embellishments from the market yesterday with this kit in mind. I think the flowers were only £1.20 for 5 which is a bargain in my books and they look uber cute! the stall is definitely somewhere I'll have a nose around again. I only had a few papers left to choose from as I've earmarked some papers for another LO. It came together quite quickly although a palaver then started when I wanted to do the title. When I looked through the letters I had every title I came up with had a least one letter missing- I'd used the d already so anything involving dance/dancing/dancer was out. After a while I ended up sticking my letters to a plain piece of paper using removable tape like this:
It was then much easier to see what I had to make a title with.
Anyway, I then did the journalling on the journalling card only to become distracted and write the wrong thing. The other cards didn't look right and in the end, despite not really liking the transfers as they're too Americany for me, I discovered I could hide my mistake behind a bit of rub on, so I did! That'll teach me for discarding stash too quickly!

Anyway, my Cyber crop Mystery Kit finally arrived today so I think I shall go and stroke that for a while and maybe start to have a play!
TFL. xx

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  1. Love the cards and the LO Lou. Great idea with the letters I think I'll use that when I come to mine