Saturday, 16 January 2010

Why do I scrapbook?

I was given a link to Shimelle's video, prompting us to think about 'Why I scrapbook?' and so I've been pondering this ever since. I've always loved being creative and playing with pretty paper and scissors and challenging myself to create and learn new things. I enjoy looking at others pages and working out what it is I particularly like and then trying to copy that style on my own work. My style has evolved massively since I started scrapping 6 years ago. However, the creative element is only one reason to why I scrap.

Thinking back to when I started scrapping years ago, before I had my own children, I was with a scrapper friend and her young scrapper daughters. They were discussing the journalling element on a page and my friend wasn't able to give her daughter the details she required. When pushed for why she couldn't recall this information, my friend said, 'Well at the time you think you'll remember that moment forever but you forget'. I've always remembered that especially as I now have my own children and there are numerous times when I've wanted to stop time, to be able to capture a moment so that it'll be with me forever. We all know that's not possible and now I have my daughter I'm even more aware of how quickly time passes and how much I forget. That to me sums up the most important reason why I scrap. I want to have a record of moments of my childrens lives. I want to remember the funny things they said and did, their oddities and cuteness, the way they developed. I want to record my feelings for them on paper so they never doubt how much I love them.

My aim this year is to scrap more of those moments rather than occasions. I want my son to know how much he was obsessed by Postman Pat and the swimming pool; how for ages he called penguins 'peegwees', and how he used to tell his little sister that he was 'the big brubber' and that 'we look after you'. Those are the little details that at the time you think you'll never forget and I want to ensure that I don't.

I also want to scrap more about me as well as my family so my children get a sense of who I am; what makes me tick at particular times in my life; what I liked and dislike; where I've come from and where I see myself going. I want my scrapbooks to be a release for me- time to relax as I create each page but also a chance to record 'me' on paper. I'm not just a wife and mum- I have more layers that might not be obvious but do exist.

I'm a scrapbooker and I love it!

So tell me, why do you scrapbook?

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