Friday, 8 January 2010

A new arrival!

I haven't updated my blog for a while with very good reason- my beautiful daughter Emma arrived on the 5th December. She's fabulous and I wouldn't be without her for the world. You'll have to excuse me if my posts become rather baby focussed from now on!

Jack is brilliant with her and we really couldn't ask for him to have been any better. He loves to hold her ("Take Emma?"), kiss and cuddle her and talks to her, telling her that he's the "big brubber" and "we look after you". So, so cute!

I'm loving having a newborn around the house again and am trying really hard to relish every minute. She's a month old and is developing her own personality and routines etc. She feeds really well including only the odd feed at night (obviously likes her sleep like her mum!) and has just given us the first odd smile. Once she's smiling regularly I'll try to capture it on the camera to share! She also is a bit of a water baby and loves having a splash in the bath (the warmer the better- another similarity to me!)

Anyway, given that I have 'limited time' now, lol, I haven't done much crafting although I've still been finding smaller projects to help me scratch that crafting itch. I loved the papers in the Dec Sarahs cards kit and was inspired by the DT booklet to make the kids some Christmas door hangers:

I've also been using up some stash by making some cards using inspiration from UKS.

I also made this LO using up an old kit:

Will upload some other LO's from my Dec kit when I get chance! Not a bad amount of crafting when you have a toddler and a 4 week old!


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  1. So many beautiful photos of your family, Isnt E growing fast, cannot believe it!!!

    Carol X